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Pedigrees and health results

Now 465 dogs


With this program we want to try to make progress in breeding, and to monitor the health of our Schnauzer breeds in all varieties. With this program you can make a free breeders page with all your dogs, your breeding-able schnauzers can be named with photos. In your breeders page you will find an overview of all your own and bred Schnauzers.

In the recent past, it proved more and more important to make good decisions by matching the right parents of future litters to maintain or even improve the health of our Schnauzers by limiting/preventing inbreeding and the passing on of hereditary diseases. Our goal is to assist all breeders to make healthy breeding decisions. Future Schnauzer owners can check the background of a puppy they are intending to buy.

The most important part of this database are the (international) health test results collected from breeders, clubs and databases from various countries. This database gives you the possibility to calculate the inbreeding coefficient (COI) of a future litter, to check health-results of your own or other Schnauzers or just to browse through the pedigrees. After you sign up (which is free of charge) you can log in for additional search options on health-issues and you also can make a pedigree analysis.

How it works?

As a (former) breeder or owner, you can help to complete the pedigrees, add photos and contribute health-information. You can find more details under the tab 'add a dog'. This information is essential for providing the most accurate results concerning inbreeding and health issues.

Feel invited to have a look around.

The database-team